Top 5 Tips for Losing Weight and Feeling Great!


Do you struggle with your weight, energy level, and motivation? Are you confused by all the conflicting information out there about how to eat healthy and lose weight? Do you wear many hats and tend to put yourself last? Are you tired of the cycle of starting a weight loss plan, losing a few pounds, then falling off the wagon a few days later?

I’m Susan Ceklosky, Weight Loss Coach and Licensed Sports Nutritionist. I’m a busy mom just like you. I am passionate about helping women change their eating habits in order to feel better, gain energy, and lose weight. As a former sugar addict, I have experienced the effects of how food affects our energy levels, focus, and happiness.

I specialize in creating customized meal plans for my clients based on what they already like to eat. It’s important to be realistic while losing weight to ensure long term success. Accountability is also key! My clients check in with me regularly to let me know how they are doing and ask any questions they may have.

I offer one-on-one nutrition and weight loss coaching along with group 6 Week Challenges a few times a year.




This was the the BEST thing I ever did for myself and my family. I lost 30 pounds working with Susan and I have kept it off. I am amazed that I didn’t “diet”. I learned to eat healthier, I understand more about the effects of salt and sugar, and I still eat real food!! That was the best part of this, I didn’t feel like things were taken away like other “diets”. This really changed my life and the life of my kids/family. I feel better than I have ever felt!


– KIM F.

I can’t believe how much better I feel about myself. Since May 2016, I have lost 53 pounds and I feel 100% better! I still leave my meal plan out on the counter and follow it every day. I needed to be held accountable and I could not have done this without Susan. The one thing that Susan told me that I have not forgotten was that this was not a diet, it is a lifestyle change.



After seeing photos of myself from my friends wedding in 2014 I realized I didn’t look or feel like myself anymore. I tried working with a personal trainer for nearly a year with no progress. When it came time for my bff’s bachelorette party in Miami this past year I knew I needed to try something different because I wanted to look and feel great. I reached out to Susan and joined one of her 6 Week Challenges and lost 8 lbs! It was like a lightbulb went on and I had finally found something that worked for me and my lifestyle.