BrittaniI have always been an active person but could never shed those extra pounds that I’ve always wanted to lose. I was a total sugar addict, eating all the wrong foods, too many carbs, and not enough protein.

I started the 6 Week Challenge with Susan on October 24th of last year and during the 6 weeks I lost 15 pounds! I continued to work with her for another 4 weeks and lost 8 more pounds. I am now down a total of 27 pounds! I feel fantastic and I am so thankful for Susan and the knowledge she shared with me.

Jodi G.





This was the the BEST thing I ever did for myself and my family. I lost 30 pounds working with Susan and I have kept it off. I am amazed that I didn’t “diet”. I learned to eat healthier, I understand more about the effects of salt and sugar, and I still eat real food!! That was the best part of this, I didn’t feel like things were taken away like other “diets”. This really changed my life and the life of my kids/family. I feel better than I have ever felt!

Tracey N.



ppI used to be so active and had lost motivation. Motivation to exercise AND motivation to eat right. I decided to sign up for the Back to You Fall Challenge with Susan in the fall. Susan held me accountable with my eating habits and encouraged me along the way. Thanks to her support, I lost about 15 pounds during the challenge, gained tons of energy and lost my taste for sodium and sugar! I have been able to stick with my new lifestyle in the months since the challenge ended and have dropped another 5 pounds! I recently had to go shopping for size 8 clothing (down from size 12 last September!)…I haven’t been that size since college! Thanks Susan!

Jessica H.




After seeing photos of myself from my friends wedding in 2014 I realized I didn’t look or feel like myself anymore. I tried working with a personal trainer for nearly a year with no progress. When it came time for my bff’s bachelorette party in Miami this past year I knew I needed to try something different because I wanted to look and feel great. I reached out to Susan and joined one of her 6 Week Challenges and lost 8 lbs! It was like a lightbulb went on and I had finally found something that worked for me and my lifestyle.

I’ve done three 6 Week Challenges and I’ve lost – and kept off – 15 pounds since last year. My own wedding was definitely good motivation to get healthy but the best motivation has been feeling so energetic and having my clothes fit better than they have in years. I never dreamed I would feel so beautiful and confident on my wedding day and Susan’s lifestyle plan (and her positivity) is a huge part of that!

Emma G.





I am so glad that after talking with a friend who had great success working with Susan that I decided to join one of her 6 Week challenges last year. I did two challenges & learned so much about what to eat, drink & how to exercise to feel great. I joined in mostly to feel better, but was surprised at how my body changed. I have dropped about 35 pounds, and have kept that consistent weight since December. Thank you Susan for teaching me what my body needs to look & feel it’s best!

Missy G.





I can’t believe how much better I feel about myself. Since May 2016, I have lost 53 pounds and I feel 100% better! I still leave my meal plan out on the counter and follow it every day. I needed to be held accountable and I could not have done this without Susan. The one thing that Susan told me that I have not forgotten was that this was not a diet, it is a lifestyle change.

Kim F.




BrittaniWorking with Susan during the Spring 6 Week Challenge was such a positive and rewarding experience for me.  She is genuinely invested in making sure that you are doing well and reaching your goals.  I went into the challenge on a whim and ended up changing my lifestyle.  I continued to stick to the meal plan once the challenge ended and I continued to lose weight and, most importantly, feel so much better.  I am so glad that I agreed to do the 6 Week Challenge as it really kick-started a total lifestyle change.  Susan has been so encouraging and truly shares in your successes.  I can’t thank Susan enough!

Brittani H.



I started my weight loss journey last summer with Susan and Positively Fit U.  I initially started with her 6 week program.  My thought process was to take it 6 weeks at a time. I achieved my first goal of losing 6-8 pounds quickly by following her meal plan designed to my tastes, shopping and cooking habits, drinking water, and exercising.  For me, the exercise easy but changing my shopping and cooking habits required some thought and pre-planning!  When I first started I had many vacations planned during the summer; I made realistic goals that I could achieve and didn’t worry about cheating some on those vacation weeks.  I found that if I followed her plan every day, or got right back on the plan (even that day), I had success!

I happy to report that I am now down 30 lbs total!  I am so thrilled, my clothes fit so much better, people are commenting positively, and even some say I look younger! Coming into this I was always an active and healthy person, however, I hated looking into a mirror or seeing photos of me at my higher weight.  Now, I am mentally fit, moving much faster than before, and I am much stronger inside and out!

I could not have done it without Susan and her positive nature, videos and her easy 5 top tips sheets to get me there!  I never imagined when I first started that I would ever lose 10 lbs; and now look at me, 30 pounds lost- WHOA, WHOA!   At this point it is EASY!!

I got my life back in control thanks to Susan.  The best thing she could have told me it’s not about willpower, it’s about change.   I met Susan through Stephanie’s Miller Boot Camp at their Spring 2015 Fit Clinic.  The two gals inspire me every day to achieve my goals.  They lead by example and I am thankful for meeting them.  I love them both for motivating me make better choices and become stronger!

Barb L. 


I have struggled w my weight for more than 8 years. Finally I decided to stop buying bigger clothes and to start taking care of myself.  I decided to meet with Susan because of her reputation and because of the Group 6 Week Challenge she was starting. Wow….everyone was so right, she was even more wonderful than I expected!

Susan sat with me and we talked about what I liked to eat and what will work with my schedule.  She was all about creating a plan that will work for me as an individual.  She also explained that water is a key factor to success. This was exceptionally hard for me because I had been drinking about 4 bottles of Diet Coke a day and no water. With Susan’s encouragement and help I have successfully been drinking 100 oz of water per day!

During the 6 Week Challenge I lost 12 pounds and felt fantastic!  I have continued to drink water and follow her plan. She is absolutely wonderful to work with and I will continue to join her challenges because they are so motivating and fun! Thank you Susan for all you did to make me feel healthy!

Stephanie D.  


At the age of 60, menopause, my love of wine, and lack of physical activity finally took its toll.  I was 50 lbs overweight.  I felt uncomfortable in my own skin and I didn’t like the way I looked.  More importantly, I hated the way I felt.  Everything hurt!

Susan’s personalized plan gave me the tools I needed to control my calorie intake, but was so easy to follow because it was created with foods that I like.  She even incorporated wine into my  plan! As I progressed, my plan was adapted to my likes/needs.  I had tools & advice to handle any situation: dining out, parties, etc.

Susan gently encouraged & challenged me to increase my activity and make the lifestyle changes that were necessary to meet my goals. She helped me realize that eating good food makes you feel good, and when you feel good, you look great!  Her positive attitude is contagious; after a meeting with Susan you feel like you can do anything!

My program with Susan ended a few months ago, but I continue to follow her plan on my own; it truly is a way of life, and the weight continues to come off.  I’m 15 lbs from my goal, and I know I’ll get there. Working with Susan was the best thing I have ever done for myself!

Mary Lou M.  


I cannot thank Susan enough for all of her help. She has done more for me than simply help me lose 16 lbs when we worked together, but she has taught me how to have a positive relationship with food for the first time in my life. Not only am I thinner, I am a happier person and I am comfortable in my body (I love this)! She equipped me with everything I needed to continue on my weight loss journey, since she and I have completed our program I lost another 14 pounds on my own, making my total weight lost 30 pounds! She has been fabulous and so inspiring!

Dara L. 


I want to share my experience that I had with Positively Fit U and the 6 Week Challenge. I had put about 10 pounds on soon before I met Susan. She was so positive and reassuring about eating right and exercising, that I knew I wanted to work with her! The exercise part was easy for me but I knew I was eating more than I should. I met with her and we talked about what I like to eat and Wallah, she had a plan for me. I learned how to drink more water, weigh my food, and eat better along the way. I know it sounds crazy , but it truly was that easy. I think when you maintain your lifestyle with small changes it will be a way of life. I never thought I would lose the weight I wanted in this short time. That was ok because I felt better and I became ME again!  I did lose the 10 pounds I wanted to lose and realized I really want to lose more.. I have lost 14 pounds in 3 months. I thank Susan for this because of her positive attitude and energy she gives me.

Working with Susan during the 6 Week Challenge was such a positive and rewarding experience for me. She is genuinely invested in making sure that her clients are doing well and reaching their goals. I went into the challenge on a whim and ended up changing my lifestyle. I continued to stick to the meal plan after challenge was over and I continued to lose weight! Most importantly, I feel so much better. I am so glad that I signed up for the challenge as it really kick-started a total lifestyle change for me. Susan has been so encouraging and truly shares in your successes. I can’t thank Susan enough!

Paula S. 


I’ve been an active person most of my life and have never had a real weight problem until about 3 years ago. I was working out regularly but the pounds started creeping on. All of a sudden the jeans that I bought in May didn’t fit by July and I was tired and angry with myself for not doing anything about it.  I finally decided enough was enough and was introduced to Susan and Positively Fit U by a neighbor.  Susan was kind, understanding, and energetic. After my first meeting with her I was excited to get started immediately.

I found that Susan’s program was easy to follow and that some days I couldn’t even eat everything on my plan. Susan encouraged and praised me for each milestone, which made me want to continue doing well. I kept telling Susan how great I was feeling!

My goal was to lose 15 pounds.  I ended up losing 20 pounds overall.  I can honestly say that I feel amazing. I even indulge now and then, but as soon as I do, I look forward to getting back on track because I know how good it makes me feel. I love you Susan for being my coach and now my friend!

Kristin D.


Susan is a natural motivator and educator with a beautiful heart. This turned out to be the recipe needed for my weight loss success story! Like many of you, I tried every fad diet out there to lose my extra baby weight. And of course, I’d lose a few pounds short term, but then NOTHING. In turn, I gave up because I had plateaued and was tired of feeling defeated. After 3 months with Susan, I reached my goal weight and most importantly, I learned how my body works, which explained why the one size fits all diets failed me.
It’s been 5 months since I stopped coaching with Susan; although, she is always there when I need her, and I have kept the weight off, lost a few extra pounds, and survived the holidays on my own! Susan helped me achieve my goal weight, but more importantly, she gave me the tools I needed to live a healthy lifestyle and accept the fact that we all have bad days, but I no longer let those days define me or my future success!

Kim S, 


Before I started to working with Susan I felt tired throughout the day and sluggish after luncheons, dinner meetings etc. With my hectic work life I knew something had to change. I didn’t need to lose much weight but I did need to learn how to make better food choices and become healthier overall. After working with Susan for only a couple of weeks I started to gain back my energy and not feel the need to take a nap right after work. Within 3 months of working with Susan I have changed my eating habits and choices radically and feel so much better about luncheons, business dinners, etc and I no longer feel ‘sluggish’. As someone who is a avid gym goer it was great to incorporate a clean and healthy meal plan to go with it. Not to mention I lost 18 lbs!

Bethany N, 


When I first met with Susan,  to be honest I was scared to start this being a single mom of 2 children, age 18 and 13. My son is very big into baseball and we are on the road and go out of town a lot. With that said – we drive thru fast food restaurants and eat out very often. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work. I drank Coke and Sweet Tea every day, not to mention I was used to eating a lot of snacks at work during the day to help with the daily stress. Every afternoon at work I would be very tired and have a hard time concentrating (which was a terrible feeling everyday).  The very first day I met with her, the energy I felt from Susan was amazing,

Susan was awesome – her plan just fit right into my everyday life. I am able to still eat out and lose weight; it can’t get any better than that.  After 2 months working with Susan I lost 13 lbs, went down 2 clothes sizes, I haven’t drank Coke or Sweet Tea, and I feel great! Not to mention Susan not only has sent me her amazing energy, it has trickled down to both my kids and also to my 76 year old parents. My kids are eating so much better and they are actually watching me to keep me on track! Susan’s daily text messages also keep me going. This is the first time in my life I can actually see the light. I never thought I could feel like I was 20 again, but now I do! Right now at 47, I still have a ways to go, but my goal is to run my very first ever 5K race with my daughter.

Susan has change my life as a single mom. She has helped with my eating habits which has helped me deal with my stress a lot better. I am NOT tired during the day at work – I have so much more energy through the day it’s amazing! I thank Susan from the bottom of my heart for just being who she is!! You Rock Sista!!

Kimberly M, 


I approached Susan because of my interest in doing a figure competition and knowing her success with competing. I liked that she took the time to really get to know me and my eating habits. She then tailored a plan according to my lifestyle and schedule. She asked me if I enjoyed to cook, if I prefered quick simple recipes or if I liked to eat out. She gave me many options to choose from so I never got bored with my plans. Having Susan to keep me accountable, receiving regular texts from her and meeting with her weekly kept me going and motivated which led to my successful weight loss. When I was having an off day she kept me going, encouraged me and helped me stay focused on my goal. I started at 127 and am now down to 109. I feel great! I am so appreciative of the time and the support Susan gave me. Her knowledge, education and mostly her care for people is why I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to reach a weight loss goal or just wanting to life a healthy lifestyle. Thanks Susan!! XO

Kim S, 


I worked with Susan last fall.  Although I  lost weight and continue to work toward my long term goal, it has been much more than just the numbers going down on the scale! I am absolutely happy about that but I feel a million times better. I am more energized and feel healthier all around! This is because of what Susan has taught me. She taught me to value my body and how to nourish it in a healthy way regardless of the number on the scale, although that is exactly what led to the pounds coming off! Susan is genuine, kind and passionate and it makes for a very welcoming environment to be myself and achieve my goals. I don’t see her as a just a coach but as a friend because she pays attention to the whole picture and puts things in perspective. She is realistic in laying out a path on which I can move forward for this better “me”!

I am not ever going to be a Victoria Secret model, but that was never the goal. The goal was to be a physically better me and with Susan in my back pocket, that’s what’s happening. Somedays I even feel like a bit of a rock star because I realize I am capable of doing this, thanks to my coach 🙂

Sona S, 


Before I started working with Susan, I would work out moderately (hour cardio/weights) 4 or so days out of the week and seemed to find myself not losing any weight.  Of course I never thought about what kind of foods I was actually putting into my body that was affecting my results.  I’ve tried the cleanses and other fads but as soon as I lost the weight I would gain it right back.  Nothing seemed to work for me and I was getting frustrated.  My husband had told me about Susan’s program Positively Fit U and said that maybe I needed someone to teach me the right things about being healthy and losing weight.  So I thought sure, why not?  I’ve tried everything else!  After 3 months in the program I never ever want to go back to the way I used to eat and the way I used to never drink water.  I feel more energetic throughout the day and confident in what I wear!  I can honestly say that I did not stick to my plan 100% of the time, but I think that’s what made me so successful.  I would have my cheat meals and then get right back to it the next day and of course drink a lot of water!!!  During the holidays it was a struggle to not eat cookies or have a few drinks here or there; however, I got right back to eating right, drinking my water, and trying to get over 10,000 steps a day.

Susan’s program and knowledge got me to where I am today.  She motivated me throughout, and those times when I was stuck at a certain weight she pushed me through it and helped me reach my smaller goals throughout the program.  I went from 141 to 127 in 3 months. I still have 7 more pounds till I reach my goal of 120 and know that it will probably take me a little over a month to get there, but with what she has taught me I know I can get there on my own. It’s a great new lifestyle that makes me a happier and healthier me!!!  Thanks Susan & Positively Fit U!

Gabby H, 


Before working with Susan I tried every pill, diet, and wrap I could find.  I did lose but always gained the weight back within weeks.  Working with Susan has taught me and is teaching me to change my thinking about food.  She is helping me develop a lifestyle of eating healthy, not a short term plan.  I am proud of my weight loss because I have kept it off.  Change is hard but Susan is a great support.  She is always there for me to ask questions and guide me.

Susan is teaching me why I need certain foods and why.  Other foods are not great choices.  She knows her stuff!  She has customized my plan, so everything on it is by us working together.  She lets me help with the food choices which makes me happy and relieved.  I don’t have to eat foods I don’t like.

Susan is very enthusiastic about fitness and nutrition.  She is motivating and makes you believe in yourself.  I love working with Susan.  She is the reason for my weight loss – she is teaching me what to do!

Lisa S,