Skinny & Simple Pumpkin Recipes

Skinny and Simple Pumpkin Recipes E-book

From Pumpkin Spice Lattes in the morning to Pumpkin Turkey Lasagna during the day, to Pumpkin Mousse Pie for dessert, this e-book covers it all!


As a nutrition and weight loss coach, I’m always collecting recipes to share with my clients that are delicious and nutritious, with pumpkin recipes being no exception!  I’ve found that it’s not all that easy to find healthy pumpkin recipes, so I took some of my favorite pumpkin dishes and experimented with them, cleaned them up, and put them all together in this e-book.

How often can you find 15 easy and healthy pumpkin recipes all in one place?

My goal with this book was to include recipes that are not only healthy, but simple to make!

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Inspire Book



Inspire: Stories of Accomplishment, Encouragement and Influence is a unique empowering collaborative book project that features the individual stories of more than twenty dynamic women. My inclusion as an author among these incredible women is both humbling and exhilarating.


Chapter 8, “From Guilt to Gratitude”, depicts my progression from successful multi-business owner to mother, and ultimately the difficulties associated with this transition. In my narrative, my focus is on guilt, which is one of motherhood’s greatest obstacles. We mothers of today are all too familiar with guilt. We are remorseful because we work, or regretful because we do not.

We face the stigma of being labeled ‘self-centered’ if we choose to put ourselves first, despite how seldom that truly may be. “From Guilt to Gratitude” chronicles my battles with guilt on my journey from businesswoman to mom. More significantly, it recounts my victory over that struggle and the subsequent life of gratitude I now lead.

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